Ysgol Dyffryn visit Llanenddwyn Church

Ysgol Dyffryn came to visit Llanenddwyn church last Tuesday as part of a project they have been doing about churches and chapels. Before they came they sent me a questionnaire to fill in, here are some of the questions they sent

Ydy eich gwaith yn bwysig? Pam?
Is your work important? Why?

I think my work is very important, because I think everyone needs to have the opportunity to hear about God and all the wonderful things he has done for us.
The church is here to continue to do the work that Jesus started. When Jesus was here he helped lots of people, he healed people, he talked to people and taught them that God loves them. Most importantly he told us that we should love each other.
My job is to help the church to do all the things that Jesus did, and all the things we think Jesus would like us to do. I work with lots of different people in our community.
Some of the different things we do are, putting on services for people to worship God, telling stories in school, Arch Noa baby and tots group, running an after school club, visiting sick people at home or in hospital, organising social activities for those who live alone or struggle to get out of the house. We also help people when they want to have their baby Christened, when two people want to get married, and helping families when people die.

Beth ydych chi’n ei fwynhau fwyaf?
What part of your work do you enjoy most?

I love lots of the things I do, and it’s too hard to pick out one thing. I love that I can spend each day with lots of different people.
I love talking about Jesus to people, and helping people to get to know Jesus themselves and finding out what they believe.

Pam fod pobol yn eich galw yn ficer?
Why do people call you a vicar?

‘Vicar’ is a title which the church uses to called someone who is a priest and is in charge for a church or many churches. There are lots of different titles that the church uses.

I am not a vicar, because I am not responsible for the churches, I work with the vicar (Rev’d Beth Bailey). My title in the church is ‘curate’, but these titles can get confusing to remember.

Oes adeg o’r flwyddyn sydd yn bwysig yn yr eglwys?
What are the most important times of the year in the church?

There are many important times that the church celebrates, and we have different ways of celebrating each time. Some of the important times are:
Advent – the four weeks before Christmas.
Christmas – when we celebrate Jesus being born
Lent – six weeks before Easter.
Holy Week – the week before Easter and we hear all the things that Jesus went through – the last meal with his friends, his death and being put in a tomb.
Easter – when we celebrate Jesus raising from the dead
Pentecost – when the Holy Spirit was given to God’s people to help support and guide them when Jesus went to heaven.
There are also lots of saint’s days through the year when we remember Christians who did special things.

Oes gennych chi ddillad arbennig?
Do you wear special clothes?

There are some special clothes I wear everyday, you have all seen the black shirt and white collar I wear, this is like a uniform, and there are some special clothes I just wear for Sundays and other services I take. I’ll bring them with me to show you when you come and visit the church but some of the names of them are:
(someone please remind me when you come)

Pam oeddech chi eisiau bod yn ficer?
Why did you want to be a vicar?

I knew I wanted to work for God and to help the church continue the work that Jesus started.
When I knew I wanted to work for God, I went to my own vicar who spoke to me, and gave me books to read and let me do a little bit of work in the church, he helped me to think about becoming a vicar.

Beth sy’n gwneud ficer da?
What makes a good vicar?

There are lots of things you need to be a good vicar. It’s important to be caring, understanding and a good listener. You have to be able to see lots of different points of view.
You need lots of energy to do lots of different things in a day, and not mind getting up very early some days and going to bed very late some nights.
You need to know a lot about yourself and be able to figure out what is important.
Being able to talk to lots of people is important, public speaking and teaching. Also talking one-to-one with people.
Most importantly, a good vicar is someone who is close to God, who prays often, and knows the bible and the stories about Jesus and who wants to tell other people about God.