Amos and the plumbline – children’s sermon

I hope you were all listening hard to our Old Testament reading this morning because it will give you the answer to my first question.

What is this?

A plumbline

And what is it used for?

It’s used to see if something is straight.

People use them when building walls and houses to make sure what they are building is going to be straight and strong. They are also used to see if a building or structure has moved, and if not, then by how much. Because if a wall is not straight, what might happen to it?

It might fall down.

Our OT reading for today says that God uses a plumbline. God says to a special man called Amos ‘I’m setting a plumbline in the midst of my people, I will never again pass them by. I will never let their crooked ways pass inspection anymore’.

God’s people were called Israel and they had a special agreement with Him that they would keep his laws and his rules.

What laws are they. You all know 10 special ones

But God people didn’t keep these, and that made God really tired and upset. They didn’t keep their end of the agreement and they took advantage of Gods goodness, they were fighting with each other and with other people. And it needed to stop.

So God said to Amos, I’m going to measure all my people to see how straight and strong and true they are, or how crooked and bad they have become. Only those who have kept my laws will be my people.

To live a straight and upright life means making choices. We make choices everyday to do things or to not do things. To be good or to be bad.

Where can we find help in making the right choices that God wants for us?

Jesus, the Bible, 10 commandments, parents, teachers, priests?????

There are many things we can use to help us measure up to the plumbline, the most important of these is Jesus, because he is perfect and when we try to be like him, that means we line up with God.