Long time, no see…

So, as you will have noticed, it’s been a long time since I have posted anything on here. This was not an intentional abandonment, I promise, it just became one thing too many. Life at the cathedral is busy. The former Sub Dean once described working here like trying to wash the windows of a moving bus, one it has driven past, you can’t chase after it, because the next bus is right behind. You shouldn’t dwell on the things that you miss, or could have don’t better, you just need to gird yourself for the next thing. But not for much longer.

It was announced about 3 weeks ago that I’m moving on from the cathedral. I am to be Priest in Charge of St Mary Magdalene, Munster Square NW1. This is an exciting move, and a much needed new challenge. Although it will be very hard to leave the cathedral, I acknowledge that my time has come, I’ve done the work I was brought here to do, and it’s time for someone else to take it forward.

I leave here in October, and start the new job at the beginning of November. I hope that I might have more time for editing and posting on here than I currently have.