Children’s Church: Who is God to me?

Talk: Remind the children of all they have looked at over the last few weeks in Children’s Church, God has said lots of things about himself, but today we’re going to look at what we think about God and who God is to us.

Activity: Lay some pictures out on the tables (planets, church, cake, mess, trees, animals, people, buildings, storms, anything you can think of). Allow the kids to pick one that makes them think about God. Allow them to think for a few moments and then ask why that picture makes them think about God. All answers here are right.

Activity: Write on a sheet of paper or a body shape, What we know about God. Get the kids to say their answers. When all who want to have said their bit (all answers are right) we move onto the reading. As we go through, prompt the kids to shout out if they remember, or hear something new about God we don’t have on our sheet.

Story: Acts17:16-34.

When Paul entered Athens he talked to everyone that would listen to him and told them all about Christ.  He told people who were like him and he told people who were very different from him.  The people of Athens could have had Paul kicked out of the city or sent to jail for proclaiming that Jesus was God’s son, but he trusted God and boldly told them about God anyway.  The people in Athens were typically educated and enjoyed debating the latest religions, even though they didn’t understand that what Paul was saying was true

While wandering through the city Paul saw an alter that said: To an Unknown God.  He took this opportunity to tell the people about the one and only true God.

Paul teaches that God is the Creator. He created the world.  He created us. 

Paul teaches that God is the Ruler of the world.  He created all of the people in the world and determined their lives.  He rules over everything that happens in the world and has placed us in a place where we can best serve him. 

He also told them we are dependent upon God.  God is the Sustainer.  He sustains our life and allows us to continue to live on this Earth.  He sustains us through good times and bad times.  We need him in our lives.  Without him we could do nothing.

Paul teaches them we are called God’s children.  That means that we are his children.  We have been adopted into his family.  God is a Father to his children.  He is not an image or an idol that we cannot reach, but our Father.  He loves us because we are one of his own. 

The people listened to what Paul had to say.  Some believed and others did not.  But, Paul was not discouraged and staying in Athens and continued to teach the people about God.   

(This version of the Acts reading was stolen from I hope they don’t mind)