Sunday Club: Getting to know you

Last week was the first Sunday back for the Sunday Club (Sunday School) so each of the groups did getting to know you activities. These are some of the ones they did.

Game: Equipment need –  M&M’s or other colourful sweets (or toilet paper for the alternative version)

Get each person to grab some M&M’s. Tell them not to eat them.

Assign a different meaning to each colour:

Blue = family

Green = school

Yellow = friends

Red = hobbies

Brown = music/movies

However many M&Ms they have in their hands, that is how many facts they have to tell. For example, if they have three blue, they would have to say three facts about their family.

(Alternative) This game can also be played with toilet paper. They rip off how much they would normally ‘use’, and then they have to say a fact about them per sheet of toilet paper they have.

Game: Each person must make three statements about themselves, one of which isn’t true.

For example: I have a brother, I was born in Australia, I have a dog.

This works best when you give the group some time to think of their statements, and write them down if they need.

Once one person makes their statements, the rest of the group must guess, or vote on, which statement is the tale. You could play as a team, or individually. It could work well to get each group member to write down their own answers and see who gets the most correct.

Game: Get the group to stand in the middle of your area. The leader of the game should face towards the group of people.

The game leader will call out a choice to the group, pointing to opposite sides of the area for each option. For example, the first choice could be “inside vs outside”. When the game leader says “inside” they would point to the left side, when they say “outside” they would point to the right side.

Each of the players then run or walk to the side of the room which they prefer. For example, if I like to be “outside” more than “inside” then I would go to the right.

It’s good to do a whole variety of choices and some will provide laughter and some might be more serious. I find it helpful to stop (maybe after a more interesting choice) and get the players to turn to someone next to them and ask them why they chose what they chose.

Here are some examples of choices:

Nature vs City

Performing vs Watching

Burger King vs McDonalds

Coke vs Pepsi

Superman vs Batman

Crafts vs Games

Scrunch vs Fold

Apple vs Banana

Milk Choc vs White Choc vs Dark choc

Werewolves vs Vampires

Craft: Equipment needed – Paper plates, pens, any other crafty bits wanted

Put the kids into pairs or small groups and get them to do a portrait of another person, while they do this they need to find out as much about the person they’re drawing as possible, this could be incorporated into the picture or information could be written onto the back.

Song: (Frere Jacques tune)

Hello, (child’s name), hello, (child’s name).

How are you? How are you?

We’re so glad to have you,

We’re so glad to have you,

Here today, here today.