Modern ‘We plough the fields’ with local verse

I found this modern version online last year, and someone from the congregation wrote a local verse which we sang at this years harvest service and the harvest supper.


We plough the fields with tractors,

With drills we sow the land;

But growth is still the wondrous gift

Of God’s almighty hand.

We use our fertilisers

To help the growing grain;

But for its full fruition,

It needs God’s sun and rain.


All good gifts around us

Are sent from heaven above,

So thank the Lord, O thank the Lord

For all his love


We do our shop in Tescos

For parking there is free

We get a trolley for nothing

The Co-op charges me

We should be shopping local

To the Wenallt store in town

But then of course there’s Sunday

And glory shines around!


Then why are people starving

When we have life so good?

And some in crowded cities

Search dustbins for their food;

And even some go hungry

Who farm in distant lands;

Lord, help us learn more swiftly

To share with open hands.