All Age Easter 3 – Catching Fish

So, Easter has happened, Jesus has risen from the dead, and so far the disciples have seen him, but

Remind me, who did we hear about last week, who doubted that Jesus was alive?


They all believe, they’re all over their shock, and surprise, and life for the disciples has gone back to some normality. And they’ve gone fishing.

They’ve been up all night in the boat. The spray from the small waves making them a little damp. And they’ve have their net in the water ALL NIGHT.

(Bring them a rope from the left side of the boat for the kids to pull in – net attached to the end – no fish in it.)

In the morning, Jesus, standing on the shore shouts out to them, ‘You haven’t caught any fish yet, have you?’

NO! – kids say

Jesus shouted over to them – ‘throw your net to the other side, and you will find some’

(Bring them a rope from the right side for the kids to pull in – net attached – full of fish)

So they did it, and when they tried to pull the net in, they were too heavy, because the net was so full of fish, but the nets didn’t break and they knew it was Jesus calling to them.

Now, this wasn’t the first time that Jesus had seen some of the disciples’ fish. Can anyone remember another point in the bible where Jesus meets the disciples fishing?

When he called them to follow him.

When Jesus first met some of the disciples, some of them were fishing. We’re told by St Luke that Simon, who was later renamed Peter, had again been fishing all night, and caught nothing, but, by doing what Jesus told them he ended up bringing in a lot of fish. So many their nets broke. And Peter tells Jesus to go away, because Peter thinks he’s too sinful, but Jesus tells him to follow him and he will make them fishers of men.

Both of these times in Jesus’ life, he asked the disciples to follow him. And that exactly what they did. Not just when Jesus was alive, but also after he ascended to join our Father.

And now, at the end of our gospel for this morning, Jesus asks Peter over and over ‘Do you love me?’ and asks him to look after his people.

Who are his people? We are.

And do you think this call to follow Jesus and to look after his people was just for Peter? No. We can read this as a call to us as well, that we are to follow Jesus, and love him, and care for his people.

Let us pray: Jesus, we thank you for your call to follow you, to love you and to look after your people. Help us to understand what you want us to do, and to do it with all our ability. Amen.

Please go back to your seats.

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