Family Service, Holy Cross, 14th September 2014

As you’ve heard this morning, today is the day we set aside to give thanks for and to celebrate the cross.

Usually we put days aside to remember important people. Very few objects get their own day in the Christian calendar.

So, why is the cross so important? (Take answers from the kids)

Yes, Jesus died on the cross and it is how we know that God loves us, because he gave us the most important and special thing he could. Our gospel reading reminds us that God gave us his one and only Son to save us, so that we can be joined with him, because he loves us.

And St Paul says, God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself. Because he is Love, God does what Love does: He unites himself with the beloved. He enters his own creation, not sending a substitute but going himself to the bitter end, sharing in the worst of suffering and grief that life can throw at us, and finally sharing our death, so that he can bring us through death to life in him.

The cross is important because through it we learn that god always wants to be with us, and understands when we are scared or hurting or fearful. Jesus on the cross reveals that God is with us even in some pretty scary times and places.

The cross is so important because it has become one of the most recognisable symbols in the world, even for those who know little about Christianity know the cross is the sign of those who follow Christ. We’ve had the cross as a symbol since very early on.

The cross helps us to remember.

Because people often forget. We forget if we’re not reminded of things
Which is why we fill our lives with pictures and objects that remind us of certain people or places or times.

We need the cross to help us remember all the things that Jesus has taught us, and all the things the God has promised.

The Cross is a symbol
Of Gods love that he gave us everything
Of Gods understanding of the things we go through
Of Gods eternal presences

The cross is so important that not only do we use it to decorate places, or wear it as jewellery, but we also can use it as a prayer. And it’s one of the oldest but simplest prayers we have.

If you’ve paid close attention to our services, or any other service you’ve been to, you will have seen people making the sign of the cross on themselves. And this is a type of prayer.

We often say the words with it, ‘in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit’ or can. be used without any words, and we use it in many different ways.

To invoke or call upon God worship and in other situations.
To strengthen ourselves
To remind ourselves that Jesus is a part of us, and that we are part of a much wider body in the church throughout the world.
It helps us make holy some parts of the day and helps us to focus on God

The cross is important, because of the actions of Jesus, because of the symbol it has become for our faith and all the things the cross reminds us of. And because of the things it tells others of. And it’s right that we have a day set aside to celebrate it and to remind us of its importance.

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Minor Canon Youth Chaplain at St Albans Cathedral. Dog owner, historian, technology geek, pilgrim.

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