It’s not often I get ill, but I have been these last two weeks. I’m now left with just a chest infection which I have antibiotics for. This has meant not only visiting, but registering for the local doctors, something I’ve put off for 3 years. It’s not that I have a fear of doctors, although the whole surgery scene is alien to me. I like to give the body time to fight things off when possible, however rest is not always convenient.

None of us are Superman (unfortunately) and sometimes we need to ask for help.

When my head has not been too foggy, I’ve found myself thinking about the lifestyle of clergy. We generally are not the healthiest of people, most clerics I know don’t take adequate time off, work all the hours God sends and does not stop until something forces them. Not only is this not healthy for the individual, what sort of example are we setting for those in the church or those who feel a calling to ministry?

I recognise that there are some things that need to change in my own life, for example not replying to emails in the dead of night, and making sure I have rest time within the week, especially when a day off has not been possible.

Even God rested on the 7th day!

A plea to my clergy brothers and sisters: look after yourselves.

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Minor Canon Youth Chaplain at St Albans Cathedral. Dog owner, historian, technology geek, pilgrim.

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