Bangor Clergy Retreat 2014

Well, we’re here again in Pantasaph for our annual retreat. I always have a hesitation at calling it a retreat because there is much more talking and general socialising (and drinking) then you would expect at retreat, but that may just be my experience.

I’m back on the top corridor with the library books. I was in one of these rooms the first time I stayed here, and I am very happy to return. It’s much quieter up here, and you don’t get people stopping to chat outside rooms to the same extent as you do in the lower corridors so there is a grater chance of actually getting some quiet.

This years theme is ‘Icons, images and prayer’ and is being led by Revd Christopher Perrins from the Diocese of Liverpool. We’ve only had one session so far, but it looks very promising. It’s actually reminded me of Sketch Bible which I started last year sometime. We were told on the info to bring some pencils and a sketch book, so I was able to find the sketch book I started using along side Sketch Bible. I’ll include some images from it soon. Hopefully these days will provide a spring board for some more drawings and a renewed sense of importance. I know deep down that doing this type of work is important for me to keep balanced, but things being as they have been recently, that type of time has been rare if it has existed at all.

I hope these days can help me to restore balance. I’ve picked out a few books to flick through as well while I’m here, one on the minor prophets I picked up in London last November, one on prayer I was given at Greenbelt and two small works from CS Lewis I was given for Christmas.

Looking forward to it, but for now I feel the need for sustenance in the form of wine. Nos da.

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Minor Canon Youth Chaplain at St Albans Cathedral. Dog owner, historian, technology geek, pilgrim.

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