Mothering Sunday 2013

A very kind colleague allowed me to edit and use this sermon.

Now we’re going to hear from 3 special Mothers whose stories are told in the Bible

Let’s hear what they have to tell us ….

MUM 1 – My name is Hannah , I prayed to God and he gave me my son. I called him Samuel, which means ’God Hears’. I promised God that Samuel would grow up in his presence, so when he was very young I took him to the house of the lord—the Tabernacle– and now my son is being cared for by priests there. Every year I go back and take him anew linen tunic. I can see how big and strong he is becoming.


MUM 2 – My name is Jochebed. I’m a slave in Egypt and my son Moses was born 3 months ago. Pharaoh hates our people and is killing all the baby boys. I’ve kept Moses hidden for as long as I could , but today I had to get him away from the Pharaoh’s soldiers. I made basket like this out of reeds and tucked him safely inside it. I prayed that God would take care of him and then I let the basket float away on the River Nile, with Moses inside. His sister has run after him to see where God and the river will take him .


MUM 3 – I have always known that my beloved son , Jesus doesn’t really belong to me. He is God’s son, and I was chosen to be his mother. Today we presented him in the temple. An old man there recognised Jesus as the saviour, but said that not everyone would accept him. He talked about the glory my son would bring to God’s people, but he also told me that my heart would be broken. I don’t know exactly what God has in store for his Son—I just have to trust him.image

So, what happened to the children of these stories?

became a great prophet. He was God’s spokesman. He chose the first 2 kings of Israel ..

Became a great leader. He led God’s people to freedom. He gave them God’s law

Told stories. Made miracles happen and showed people what God is like. He died on a cross for our sake. He rose from the dead. He has given us the gift of eternal life with God .

Each mother had to let their children go before they could fully be who there are.

I want to tell you about another mother from a program I watched about the parents of young people with learning difficulties and special needs and the worries faced by those parents about the long term independence of their children.

Richard, is a young man in his early 20’s with Down’s Syndrome. He is a happy, friendly young man who, while never able to manage without some help, is quite able to look after himself.
His mother found him a flat, not too far away from the family home, where he would be able to live independently with his own front door and his own key. The authorities were able to offer him 16 hours of support from Carers a week along with the care he got from his parents.

He was very excited about moving out.

After a few weeks though he had to leave his flat, the presenter asked him ‘What went wrong?’. He replied ‘Bad people, silly, naughty.’ His neighbours couldn’t accept a face that was a bit different and tormented him. They swore at him, knocked on his door and shouted abuse and turned his electricity off. They would only do this when he was alone. He wasn’t able to answer back or deal with the abuse and he soon got scared of being along. He had to give up the flat and move back in with his parents.

His mother knows this can’t be a long term solution, he needs his independence. She said ‘it’s not something we’re looking forward to but we have to let him go. But I’m scared it will happen again’.

It’s hard enough to let someone you love go when you have high hopes for their future. How much harder when experience has taught you that your child could face abuse and alienation?

All mothers worry about their children, Hannah, Jochebed, Mary, and Richards mother all cared and worried about their children. All of them also did one of the most scary thing for any loving parent to do, letting them go. Because if we are not given the chance to step into the world by ourselves, we can never become the people we are called to be.
God also does this with each one of us. He knows we will make the wrong choices, sin, and face hardships. He could save us from all of this by not letting us make our own choices, live our own lives, but he doesn’t precisely because he loves us.

Mothers do a great job for us, they help us in every way we need, and more often go beyond that also Last year we thought about all the qualities that goes into mothering, all those qualities those people poses who care for us.

Mothering Sunday is about mothers, but it is also about those who care for us, those who love us and want the best for us, those who love us enough even to let us go. Let us take a few moments to think about all those people who have helped us, taught us, guided us, understood us, cared for us, loved us. To think about all those who have helped us be the people we are today. To think about those who are currently guiding us to be the people God wants us to be in the future. And we give a special thanks today, for those who have raised us, our mothers, and those who have acted like mothers to us.

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