Bangor Lent Course

This year, like other years gone by, Bangor Diocese has commissioned a Lent course to be used throughout the diocese based on our common theme for the year. This year we look towards our future. There is great change happening in our churches, and if you’ve missed it I don’t think you have been looking hard enough. Our society had changed so much in the last decades, and so we must too if we are going to be able to stand beside people and help lead them in their journey with God.

Its been a few years in the making, but this year Bangor has produced a document containing our Vision Statement. (A copy of the leaflet can be found on the website In it can be found the hopes and aspirations for our ‘learning church’ and our lent course is based around these topics and the broad headings for these are our calling, our character, and our commission.

Two topics a week for the six weeks until Easter.

This course offers us, and those outside our diocese a chance to think and reflect about where we have come from, where we are now, and where we need to be in the future. And I am delighted that this year our course will be available on line and will be tweeted each day of Lent. I hope that through these ways of sharing our vision, others will be inspired in their own places.

We do not always know the effect that our ministry and mission has on people, we can only hope that we plant a seed and give it enough water to grow in good soil.

It is my prayer that people will find inspiration from our vision.

Follow our diocesan vision either on:

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or in the full course (

God Bless you this Lent!

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Minor Canon Youth Chaplain at St Albans Cathedral. Dog owner, historian, technology geek, pilgrim.

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