The Church and Online Media

It’s been my day off today, so I have spent it doing most of the writing for the Church and Online Media training days. I still prefer the old title for it ‘Sacred Social Networking’, but at least it’s happening. I think it is about time the Church in Wales got to grips with online and social media! Our societies and communities are moving so fast, if we do not do something soon, we will match our stereotype in being backwards and old fashioned.

I spend a good part of lunchtime working my way through the Church in Wales Social Media Policy. A 13 page document which can be summed up by using the last page. It was interesting to see how media has moved on so fast since this document was written.

I am really looking forward to these days and just hope they are well attended. We need more churches and more good priest online and sharing the gospel to the ‘missing’ generations.

Links below to the forms that were sent around the clergy (and hopefully passed onto the congregations)

The Church and Online Media

Yr Eglwys a Chyfryngau Ar-lein

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Minor Canon Youth Chaplain at St Albans Cathedral. Dog owner, historian, technology geek, pilgrim.

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