False Starts and New Beginnings

I have started many blogs in my time. I have kept some going for years. But I always end up with that urge to delete it all (because I think it is no good) and start all over again.

So…. this is me, starting all over again…..again.

And with any new thing, introductions are needed.

My name is Sally.

Revd Sally to some.

To others Sal, Sara, Jen, oi, thingy, sup! or Curate.

Most of the time I will respond to anything, but Sally is fine with me.

I am a curate. I serve in the Ministry Area of Bro Ardudwy Uchaf in the diocese of Bangor and have lived in Dyffryn Ardudwy for one year and 4 months. If you don’t know where that is, I don’t blame you, I had to get a map when I first found out where the Bishop wanted me to go. If you are interested, check out the website, www.broardudwyuchaf.co.uk, (my attempt at bringing the churches into the 20th, if not the 21st century).

In terms of my work and the church, I am passionate about mission, technology, liturgy, connecting with people around my own age group and those ‘missing generations’ within the church, the 20somethings to 40somethings. I love preaching, although I am far from the most eloquent speaker. I also enjoy working with the local schools, especially those unplanned interactions such as question and answer sessions, and the times I need to drop something off, because children are not afraid to ask the difficult questions and I enjoy their energy and interest.

I firmly believe I have the best job in the world, and I give thanks to God for my vocation.

I enjoy studying Church History, and look forward to the future where I might get a chance to do some formal study again. I not long ago graduated from my Masters degree at Cardiff University where I looked at the model and teaching of discipleship within the Eucharistic service (posts of this topic will come up, I promise). I have been asked to consider working my thesis into a book which is an exciting and scary prospect, but not one I really want to face at the moment.

I have a dog. She is a collie/whippet cross and she is two and a half years old. Her name is Poppy and she is the best dog!!! The best things about dogs is that they are always happy to see you, and they are very forgiving, especially of those days when I spend a lot of time away from the house, and my grumpy moods.

I am increasingly enjoying travelling. As I have discovered, when you are getting more then a student budget you are able to go away on holiday more and I am looking forward to my second holiday abroad this year later this month.

Anyway. I think that is enough about me. No doubt you will learn more the more I post.

I intend to keep this blog for sermons, work related activity and my theological musings. I have another blog out there which is less churchy (dare you to find it! Prize for those who do).

There may be a lot of activity to begin with as I transfer things over. I look forward to hearing your comments and reading others blogs.



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Minor Canon Youth Chaplain at St Albans Cathedral. Dog owner, historian, technology geek, pilgrim.

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